LOVE it!!!

Check out the new template made by Chic & Sassy Designs that was just done!  She did a wonderful job on it!  I think it ties things together quite nicely... :)  Check out her site!

Well, I think I have caught up with most of you and I must say there are some pretty hard working ladies out there!  Way to go everyone! :)  Myself on the other hand has to give myself a big kick in the arse to get moving... I wanted to try to try out my leg yesterday with a small run but my hubby thought it was too soon... he was right I might add... there was still some swelling that has not gone down yet.  Maybe today..... :)  One week left before the half marathon here and now I am getting nervous.  I always get nervous before a race event - I have done this distance many times before, but it is always the 'what ifs' that make me nervous. lol  I know I will do fine - I just won't set any personal best with it this time, that is all.  But it will make it easier to beat this time that I get on my next one... lol

Food wise was a bit better yesterday but on the water front I have to get back in to it.  I have been drinking nothing but tea, coffee, wine, and many other not so good things the past week and water was not one of them - thus with the food and lack of water... no wonder the scale went up! lol

It looks like a beautiful day out here today and I found my seedlings that I had started before I left and I think I may have lost all of them. :(  I forgot to tell my sister and my husband where they were and to water if needed.  They are quite wilted at the moment.  Not too sure if they can be saved.

Tonight, my husband is taking my mom, Nanny, and I out to Red Lobster for mother's day for supper.  I told him that I already had it with the OPA greek meal before I left and me going to England...  He said that it wasn't the same.  So eating wise tonight, I will try not to do too much damage and not gain anymore! lol  That place sure is a weakness though for me... and financially I really don't think we can afford it...

I have not received a call back yet from the hospital where I applied before I left so I am going to drop off another application here in a couple of weeks.  The school year is winding down and there really is never much time for subs to come in at this pt, so I have to get going on getting another job here.  I was hoping to find something that I can either walk to or bike to...  I told my husband that if I can't find anything and have to work at McDonald's, then that is where I will work.  I won't be fussy picking the place - as long as I get a paycheck, it is all good. :)

My son is doing much better here and is still on the oral steroids at this pt trying to get things good and cleared up.  I guess he only made it to the last couple of days at the end of the week for school - not the best time to miss it with all the studies winding down, but his health is more worth it.

The animals gave me quite the welcome when I got home and are following me everywhere!  It is like a little heard going around the house. :)

So, the rest of today, I am maybe going to sneak out for a small run, pick up my one aunt at the airport since she could not get a flight with the rest of us from Toronto, and maybe get outside and do some yard work as I am sure the neighbours are wondering what has happened to me because I usually have things all nice by now. lol

Here are 2 links for a more over all look a our trip in pictures in facebook (don't need to be a member)
     England p.1
     England p.2


PS. - missed you all!


Tanya said...

I love your new background. Maybe I should try something like that on mine.