I got to run!!! :)

Yesterday, I laced up, a bit nervous I might add and headed out on the street... and... I made it!  It was just a short one as the race is just a couple of days a way here now but I wanted to start loosening things up a bit or I am going to totally seize up.  It felt soooooo good to be out there again and the only problem was that stupid wind.  I did not do a steady run but kept up doing some intervals at a 5:1 as I did not want to even push myself to do the 10:1's just yet.  Don't want to tempt fate right now. :) 

Life finally got a bit better here yesterday and my son and I only ended up doing homework till about 8:45 pm last night, so that was better.  Food wise was a bit more controlled again so things are looking up or should I say down. lol

My hubby is heading off here soon to go to Edmonton to his ex-partner's graduation from his training that he just completed, and then he should be coming home tomorrow evening I believe...

Today I am going to do some more cleaning up in the yard and have to replant a couple of things that were destroyed by the wind yesterday.  I still have not managed to set up the hot tub so maybe tonight after my son gets home, he can help me.  My son and I may also try a bit of roller blading here this evening... should be funny. :)  On second thought... maybe I should wait till AFTER the race this weekend.  I think that would be better.  Knowing my luck I will go out there and fall and that would be the end of my race for SURE!

Well... time to get going here and get some things done around here.



Natasha said...

Awesome blog HTabby! It's totally you!!! Hope your knee stays good for your race, and that the weather is good. It's raining and cold here. Good job getting back on track after your trip. I have to get on top of our yard work too. We did some in the front on tues, but the wind is harming everything we did =( Where did summer go??? LOL

JavaChick said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and able to run again. :)