Back and a little groggy. :)

The trip went for the majority quite well and I am just going through my pics now doing some editing.  Getting on the internet where we were proved to be a bit of a challenge for the most part so I hope to do some catching up today with everyone.

We had a great Irish send off for my grams at the pub and met relatives that I have never met before.  For the first part of the trip,  I met my Nanny's side and the last half I met my grampa's side.  Some I have met before from going there but there were many new ones as last time I never went in to the country out of London.  Ludgershall was by far my most favorite place there and we had to laugh that the place was so full of my Nanny's family.  Everywhere we went there was a relative. :)  We managed to spend a bit of time at Stonehenge, then went to Woodhenge and had hoped to go to Avebury but ran out of time.  It was quite neat to see Stonehenge as a place that my mom and that used to use as a playground.  I saw the old house that my mom and that grew up in and was fascinated by the thatched roofs and the history of the house built from some of the stones from the Ludgershall castle.  I guess there are even old tunnels leading from the castle to the house still there.  (just a note that that house is up for sale right now.... I sooooo wish I could afford it! )

Our first meal was a huge traditional take out of fish and chips served in the paper that would have been enough to feed 3 or more people!  The next meals followed with pork pies, steak and kidney pie, trifle, mushy peas, yorkshire puddings, custard, traditional English breakfast (HUGE) and many more!!!  I am just getting hungry thinking about all of it. lol

We spent a few hours at Erlestoke at my relative's pub and B&B and learned of the history (1400's) and about the two ghosts that inhabit there.

I was introduced to stinging nettles right away as I still have some marks from the more serious ones and the naturally wild holly plants.  My aunt and I were continuously bugged about us and all the evil plants that were there.  We also enjoyed a walk through the last bloomings of the blue bells in the forest.

From there we went to Motimer where my grampa's brother lives and went shopping in Reading and then to Windsor Castle where the queen was in residence at the time.  It was neat going there again as I remembered pretty much most of it from going before.  Then we went to spend some relaxing time at Henley at the Angel Pub :) as we sat by the River Thames.

We travelled up to Nottingham for the day for my gram's funeral, which was really neat as how they did the service and the progression which was led by foot by a lady in a top hat with a walking stick in front of all the cars.  The pub after was filled of many great memories that we shared about her and laughed at all the stories.  There were many relatives that I did not even know about and were just wonderful!  We did a drive by pic shooting (jumping out of the car to take pics) of the Nottingham Castle and the statue of Robin Hood and saw the Sherwood forest.

After that we spent the evening at my cousin's house just on the north side outskirts of London for a BBQ and then back to Motimer.  The next day we walked around the village there and then I went on my own out into the forest for a hike where I almost got lost. lol  We went through a bunch of pictures of the family there and learned more about our history.  Later on my other cousin came and took us to the Hamptons and we walked around there before heading to his place that was just by it.  Then home.

I will be posting some pics here as I am just in the middle of going through the pics and making a CD for the family here that were unable to go.  My husband and I are planning a trip out there hopefully in the next couple of years and some of the relatives are coming here next summer again (some have been here before and some haven't)

It was well worth the troubles to be able to go and send my grams off.  Money wise the cost of food and such were taken care of by the family there and we always had a family member's house to stay at.  All I can say is that I have a great collection of all the different road signs as they are quite literal on them - one for example was a sign on the motorway saying 'sorry for possible delays' lol - so polite. lol :)

Running wise I was still unable to but managed lots of walking and just as we were coming home, we were in Toronto where my uncle came to pick us up for lunch before the flight home and I had tripped on the sidewalk and jolted things again a bit.  I can so see this half-marathon next weekend not going very well...

Wt wise... up to 130.6 this am.... :(  but it was expected with flight, food and all.

Now... to catch up on everyone else and to see how you are all doing...

Pics coming soon. :)