Super Easy Run/Rest Day

Well yesterday I ended up mostly laying on the couch and in bed.  I was way too tired and not feeling to hot so needless to say I did not get my cross training in which is all good.  This morning I am up early and feeling better so I probably will get in a really easy slow 30 min run in first thing here before my son wakes up.  Just enough to loosen up and get the muscles moving before my LSD of 16K tomorrow.  Its funny thinking about that distance this time.  I remember when I first started training for a full marathon back in 2005. (I trained for another in 2002 but it got cut short by a surgery)  I would fear and worry so much about running farther and farther and think OMG how am I going to do this! lol Now, it is like 16k and... there are no fears. :)  I actually look forward to running these.  I know I have ran the distances before so it is like... OK, I can do this. This is going to be easy.  :)  Just a walk in the park. lol Well that is what it may look like to the rest of the members in the group that are speedsters as they think I am going super slow...  I actually am doing the right pace for me on my LSD's thank you very much! lol

I don't know whether it was a bug or over working my self too much but I listened to my body and took the rest that was needed.  I did have quite the busy week.... lol

OK... here I go... Suki is gone...  I finally had the courage last night to go take a peek.  Not overly in the best of moods right now, and today I have to finish disinfecting the cage.  I almost just want to throw the whole cage out... but I know I will get another one here some day.  It is just so hard when you really bond to an animal and to hope for the bonding like you have had with the one before.  I have been blessed with the 2 that I have owned.  I am going to miss our times watching TV where she goes to sleep on my shoulder... The questions from people about having her has a pet... the surprised looks after they realize just how cute, soft, and the warm snuggly character she really is.  Last night I was trying to work out her exact age and realistically, she had lived for over 3 yrs which is a great long life for a pet rat.  I have to phone the teacher that I worked with last year here too.  She is retired now but was in love with Suki and let me bring her to the school quite often for regular visits.  I took her over to visit her lots this current year so she could have her Suki fix.  I have not told my son yet... he thinks she is still sleeping...  well I guess part of that is true.  She is sleeping in heaven.

OK... bare with me here as I grab some kleenex.

The rest of the day after my run is cleaning, homework, and I may take my son to see the matinee of Nim's Island.  Tonnes of water today and low sodium before my official weigh in tomorrow... but I am not overly concerned with it though.  I don't think I need to lose anymore wt this wk.  I think I may hear some movie popcorn calling my name..... :)  I have often thought about changing my official ww wi day to Fridays to make life easier, but having these 2 sort of wi days a wk really helps me stay on track more and with the eating on the weekends.  Well, until my LSD that is... lol  After that, I LOVE to eat! :)

Well, time to get moving...

Yes, still a non-smoker. :)

run: 30 mins


Anonymous said...

Try and have a good day, and enjoy your time with your son. Enjoy the popcorn...Ummm!

I'm so sorry about Suki. I know how hard that is.{{{HUGS}}}

Froggie-George said...

I'm sorry to hear about's always hard to lose a pet :(

LOVE THE HAIR!!!!!!! You look awesome :)