Hit my 10 % goal!

The big news for today is that I have officially hit my 10 % goal mark on wt loss today!  Woooo Hoooo!  Now I really need to look closely at what I want my goal wt to be.  I am not quite sure that I really want to get all the way down to 116 bls yet.   I may shoot higher and see what happens.  This lighter wt is really helping with my running though. :)

Well I went for it, my run, and I did not do too badly.  My chest/ribs did OK and I did not swing my arms as much so I would not bug them.  I only had a hard time with my IT band.  It really sucks because I was not able to go to my hot yoga and get a good stretch in, so I am hoping for tomorrow night, but I do not think that will work out because my husband is working and I do not want to leave my son home that late alone.  I really have to get this worked out and figure out how to not have so many problems with it...  It really aggravates my knee.

Well today I am attempting core and even with all the questions and reading that I had last week I have more questions today.  Like APs for example.  Today I earned 8 APs just for running... now are they like extra WPs for today?  Like extra noncore stuff?  I am not sure if I have thought going on this core plan thoroughly enough to see if it is for me.  I really like my eat out Tuesdays and I am not too sure how this will all fit in... the same for Sundays after my run... I like to make sure that I am eating enough afterwards.

Tonight I am making turkey chili.  It is core even though a lot of it comes from a can - surprising... Edit:  Ok made my first core goof up... I just found out that my chili is NOT core!  Arrrrgh!  The brown beans in tomato sauce I guess are not... The same with the ground turkey meat.  I guess ALL ground meat is NOT core!  :(  This is going to be WAY harder than I thought.  I went to the grocery store and picked up some core items that I did not have and hopefully I can make it at least one week.  lol  I am still going to count my pts just to make sure that I am not eating WAY to much food this week.  Somehow I just don't trust myself just yet.  The last couple of days I have really been trying to pay attention to the way I feel when I eat and to make sure that I stop eating when I am satisfied enough and not stuffed.  :)  Well, today so far, I just finished wolfing down some grapes with sour cream and don't really remember eating it.  lol  This is going to go well....

Tutoring went well, thus the hunger.... She is catching on quite fast actually.  I am happy for her.  I still have to get some homework done myself here and time wise it is not looking good for me so far.

Well, time to get some dishes done so I can get some supper going...

run: 10.65 km/1:18:24 mins, avg 170 bpm 7:22 min/km, temp -6 cloudy then sun came out, felt pretty good except for IT band bugging my knee, must stretch more and make sure I get my yoga in, wore 3 layers (stupid) was really warm, ran with another lady and kept her company since my other running person was not there (moving), breakie worked out well again but need to wake up just a little bit earlier
Quit Smoking: 1 month 4 days