Back to routine...

My son came home yesterday! Yeah!  Getting back in to routine was not as bad as I thought it was going to go.  I did have a bit of a hard time getting him up this am but I think that one is pretty normal for anyone right after holidays. :)  As he was making his eggs this morning he did get upset though because he said that his real dad would not let him cook at all while he was there because his dad did not want him to scratch the stove.  My ex said that it is a fancy stove (just a flat top) and that it was not for kids to cook on.  My son told him that he was very good at cooking and my ex replied by asking what has he all cooked and my son replied what he had.  My ex told him well that was all beginner stuff and that's not cooking!  Arrrg!  You don't say that to a kid!!!  My son is very proud of what he is able to cook and I am too.  I have taught my son to be safe around the stove and he is very careful.  My son is just starting out... there is nothing worse than someone telling you that you are not doing well enough.  So I guess all of us when we start something are not good enough then and should stop.  Boy... If I had listened to that advice I would not be the person I am today being able to do the things I can.   I guess my son asked also where the clear lids were and my ex told him you don't need clear lids to cook.  OK fine, pt taken but when you are a kid just starting out, it is a good thing to have so they see what is going on under the lid.  BTW - my ex was not the greatest of cooks.  lol Rant over. :)

Today I am for SURE taking my new bike out for a small spin.  It is rest day today but I SO want to try it out again!!! lol  I am so happy that the weather is finally going to warm up a bit here this week and stop being so stubbornly cold. :)Scratch that. :( It's snowing outside!!!!  Arrrrrggggg!

Food wise I am going to be doing some planning here and a trip to the grocery store for some things.

Homework wise I need to keep cracking down on myself and get moving.  

I am still not smoking and I am so loving the feeling.  I sure hope that I can maintain it this time.  It is sad because it seems like right now I am looking for something to sabotage it.


JavaChick said...

That's too bad about your son & his dad about the cooking. I think it's great that you are teaching him to cook - everyone should learn and it's good to start young.

Hang in there with the not smoking! Think about how great you feel and how important it is to be healthy for your son. You can do this!


candlerun (htabby) said...

Thanks! I am holding on to both the not smoking and keeping my mouth shut not to phone my ex up and say he's just a kid and relax some. See, this is why I have him and you don't. Frustration. :(

Tanya said...

I am sorry to hear about your son and his dad. That is too bad. Its really good he is learning to cook and enjoys. It sounds like he knows how to cook better than me

Stick with the non smoking you are doing great. Don't go back. I quit for 4 months and started again, it sucks because I know I am going to have to go through the hard yards again.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

HI! I've missed you! LOL! I've been way too freakin' busy!

First of all... thhhpphphphph to Captain Discouragement. What a knuckle head. And yay for your son who knows how to cook! If he can cook an egg he honestly knows more about cooking than my DH. (Sad but true.)

You got a new bike?! Man, I miss a few days and I miss all the big news! :) I will hope for lots of sunny weather for you so you can take it for a spin soon! I have a bike in the garage. I tried biking with my son once, and ran him over. No joke. He had tread marks up his back and I broke his helmet. He won't bike with me anymore.

You are doing so well with your smoking ban! Good for you!

How is WW going? I feel like I haven't been around enough to know! :)

Wow! Another chapter for my book dedicated to you! :)


Natasha said...

Your ex would probably croak if he saw the abuse my flat top stove takes with all the cooking I do! He needs to relax. They are actually very durable! Congrats on still not smoking! That is wonderful! Enjoy your bike ride!