terrific Tuesday???

Good news! I did not touch one 'nasty' yesterday! I can do this. I feel so weird though today with all those chemicals leaving my body. I did not eat anything extra and ate everything that was planned for me to eat. If I keep this up I won't gain any weight and lose weight! Yippeeee! I am a bit of grouch though and I am finding it a little hard typing at times here. It's like I am not all 'there' and druggy. Oh well... small price to pay when your making yourself healthier!

Last night was a bit different. I had 1 pt left to eat and could not think of what I wanted. What I wrote down did not do it for me. So at 8:45 pm I headed out to Safeway to find these 'Vitamuffins'. You know what? I finally found them. I went to a different store than the one near my house and they were there. So I warmed mine up and enjoyed. They are on the small side and a little different in the taste, but they sure did the trick. Hey... 1 pt for a muffin! I will take that. I am trying not to indulge too much in packaged foods but I have to think 'gee, this is for a lifetime here, what am I normally going to eat' So I am going to let myself ease off a bit here and there. Today should be another good day. Everything is planned for, even our weekly eat out Tues. I am also aiming for another 3+ L water.

I had a big moment that I can not think if I had wrote in here about yet. I fit my white button up shirt! It is a real milestone for me.

Exercises for me today are treadmill, tae bo dvd, yoga, and my challenge workouts. And heh, those challenge workouts equal to 1 AP now! I will take that thank you. :)

Today we are supposed to get more snow here. It is warming up a bit though. I am just dying to get outside and do something though. It's like I am getting cabin fever... Can't wait for warmer weather!

Quit smoking: Day 3