What happens when you are away from running for a bit...

So, today I head on my treadmill for a 45 min run - yes the treadmill as I was too lazy to head outside for some unknown reason - and the run went really well, but... it was after the run that I realized that oh my, I really need to get back in to routine again.

The first part was that when I went to get my foam roller to do some rolling, I noticed that it looked like a shark had used it for a chew toy.  It seems that my cat has decided that it was now theirs... not going to happen.  I used it and it still did the job so that part was fine.

The part that really made me realize that I have been neglecting things is when I was rolling.  Ouch!! All those days sitting doing assignments and studying had taken their toll on me and I was now paying for it dearly.  Parts that I rolled that are not usually painful at all were screaming at me as I rolled and paused, and rolled and paused.  I came to the conclusion that I need to roll a few times a day right now until things are a bit better.

The obvious part about not running and being active at all for a bit is my weight.  I ended up gaining a bit from sitting on my butt.  Thankfully I have been back on track with that also and only 3 more lbs to go till I am back to where I was before my university end of semester fun.

Before my little hiatus from all things running, I was participating in the Canadian Bloggers #RuntoCanadaDay challenge and was doing quite well at it until the stress of school started.  Then it just did not happen.  This week I have walked everyday thus far and as of today, back on track with everyone joining the challenge today, May 1st. :)

In the mean time, I am going to head back to my decluttering and spring cleaning of my house with all my new spare time that I have now.  I am officially done my university classes for good and only have my Education internship in the fall.  I have found that I have been so busy the last few years that I am going nuts not being busy now - I have even taken up learning Spanish and back to learning getting better at the guitar.  Summer campfire season is coming! The Spanish will help with the travels.


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Ange @ Cowgirl Runs said...

Welcome to the challenge.
I joined in April and it's been going well...ish? :)

I've also nominated you for a Liebster award! http://cowgirlruns.com/you-really-really-like-me/

Crystal Rhyno said...

Welcome back to the challenge! I hear ya! I've been sitting on my butt a lot lately too. Good job on the treadmill run. Keep it up & remember there are always bumps on the road.

JavaChick said...

I have a couple of yoga blocks that look like that. My cats seem to think they are really fun toys!

Heidi Tania said...

Tks Ange! Yeah, I started in April too but it did not last overly long. ;)

Heidi Tania said...

Well Crystal, hopefully life cooperates with us and we can get our motivation back. :)

Heidi Tania said...

lol JavaChick! Maybe I should check mine too... oops! ;)