When Life Gets Busy...

... You sometimes just have to go with the flow. Have I ever said that I so can not wait for university to be over yet?  Yeah...  ;)

(Week recap of running after the grad recap)

Well, my university education class's grad banquet was last Friday night and it was so much fun!  I was very happy to celebrate their achievement with them - and also told them that they will have to celebrate with me when I finish in December this year. :)

Here are some glimpses of that night...

The night continued and eventually the dance floor started to accumulate shoes, purses, clothing, and such as our class made a huge circle around it. Like high school all over again. ;)

This is an image of the start of our little pile...

My husband was very gracious to drive me in to the city so I could have a drink or two and ended up going to bed around 2:30 am.  There was no running the next day... not hungover, just very tired. ;)

Saturday, as I said was just a rest day to make sure I was hydrated and rested up enough for my Sunday long run.

On Sunday we were blessed with gorgeous warm weather and I took advantage of it by running a 10 mi loop around main river trail in the city.

It was a seriously warm day and of course making a mistake of wearing a black jacket and a black long sleeve shirt.  I lost the black jacket right away and went from there - just a tad bit warm. ;)

Weekly Summary

Mon: rest
Tues: rest/core workout
Wed: Hills (1 mi warm up, 3x400m, 1 mi cool down)
          Done on treadmill and first hill training of season. core workout
Thurs: 2.8 mi  11'25"  32:10 mins
          Steady run outside on trail,  core workout
Frid: 2.9 mi  10'07"  30:08 mins
          Accelerations on treadmill, core workout
Sat: Rest/Core workout
Sun: 10 mi  13'04"  2:10:58
          Including around 10 flts of stairs and one stop to adjust shoe.
          Forgot about running and wet footwear = blisters if not wearing proper stuff. Ugh.

I kept my mileage around the same as last week because I was starting hills, moving my running days to over 4 days from 3, and moving more of my runs outside which are more physically challenging.

All in all I am happy with what I accomplished this week in my running.  My paces reflected my transition from treadmill running in what seemed like forever, to running back on the trails which are very up and down, and not that even of a surface.  Also, I can really tell that I need to work on my hills...

Weight Loss (thus far and forgot to post last week)

To date:
Start - 164 lbs
Today - 154.2 lbs
Total loss = 9.8 lbs

Pretty happy about how things are going.  My husband says that he can really tell now that I am losing so, Yay! :D  I will post a comparison photo later here.

Last Couple of Days...

I haven't done much and have been really trying to focus on my last month of class studies in university.  I am really feeling the pinch right now and a bit stressed with all the assignments that are coming due soon.  All is good though as I know all will finish things. ;)

So there you go! All updated. :)
Now to read some blogs...

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Crystal Rhyno said...

Hey sounds like it was a FUN and productive week for you. Love the shoe shot :) Way to go on the weight loss. I need to hold myself more accountable and post my weight too. Keep up the good work! (I've run with a hang over = Not good!)

Ange @ Cowgirl Runs said...

My shoes never stay on my feet for long, either! Sounds like a super fun weekend!!

Girl Goes Running said...

It sounds like you guys had so much fun! You had a great week for training and it sounds like you are making smart decisions based on your body and training adjustments, like going outside to run. Awesome work!