Still Knee Deep in School, Mail, and Training Re-cap

This past week has still been quite hectic for me trying to keep up with everything and I can see it lasting for about another couple of weeks here till this last semester is done.  I have been trying to keep up with reading blogs or even writing mine, but time has been very limited.  Sorry, I will get better at this. ;)

Well, I feel bad for those of you out east and all your new snow... I don't mean to rub it in but I have been thankful to run outside again.  It has been a long wait for most of us to be able to enjoy the outdoors again the way we like it.

This weekend's long run was bitter sweet for me.  The weather was perfect...

I sat at home trying to get as much done on my assignments as I could and really contemplated not heading out for my run - because I have so much due right away.  I debated for so long that I really did not consider fuelling or hydrating enough.... yeah.  I ended up leaving my house around 2 pm and drove in to the city to head out for 11 mi.  I filled up my water with a Nuun tab, grabbed 2 GU gels, and a Luna Bar to eat on the road there.  I really should have thought things through more, and I know better.

My run sucked. Well, not completely, but for the first while I just had a hard time, was out of breath, and every step was major effort it seemed.  Dodging the puddles and ice, and drudging through deep snow to avoid flooded areas were getting to me.  As I ran I started to think about why was it so hard today?  My conclusion: lack of preparedness.  I was dehydrated, did not fuel properly and ate way too close to running (felt sick to my stomach). I really know better than that.  I know getting out there and running instead of sitting on the couch doing homework is better physically for me, but to expect that demand suddenly out of my body... not realistic. Not when I did not give it what it needed first. 

In the end I ended up slipping a few good times and even landed on my knee once.  I have iced, stretched, rolled, had an epsom salt bath, took ibuprofin, and today (Tuesday) I still feel twinge on that knee so I called off my run for today.  I will be repeating the latter again tonight here after more homework.

I was pretty excited yesterday though when I received my new Road Id in the mail!!! I lost mine and ordered a new replacement one.  This time I went with the rubber band one and of course wanted the tin. lol (yes I am a sucker for novelties) :0P  I also ordered a spare band incase I wanted to change colours.

Now, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything here, but if you do want one and want a coupon, just let me know because they gave me a few codes (seen in the picture).  This image is a picture of the coupon and what I get if you use it I guess.  Just so you know.  I have also been an affiliate with Road ID for over the last 5ish years but this has nothing to do with that - my affiliate button is on the side (not trying to hide anything here). 

So, now for my training re-cap from the past week:

Mon: Rest
Tues: 2.65 mi  11'39"  30:55
     Steady Run, core work
Wed: 3.11 mi  12'36"  39:17
     1 mi warm-up/cool down, 3xHills
Thurs: 2.74 mi  10'56"  30:03
     Steady run with accelerations, core work
Fri:  core work
Sat: Rest
Sun:  11.01 mi  12'45"  2:20:28
     10:1's outside on trail

So there you go, all updated for another week. ;)

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Crystal Rhyno said...

I should look into getting a road ID. Drivers in this part of the world suck :) Keep up the great work. We all have sucky runs!

Girl Goes Running said...

I love my Road ID! You've had a great week of training. :)

Tina Fab said...

i loooove my road id!!! everyone should have one!! keep workin it :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, had never heard of a Road ID. Thanks for that - will look into it.