Running Withdrawals

My Hubby made a comment on Facebook this last week about knowing when your wife is a dedicated runner: when she apologizes to her shoes because she won't be able to take them with her and use them.

I have been doing so well keeping up with my training lately right down to monitoring my resting pulse to make sure I am not overtraining because I would usually get sick or injure something along the way.  Well, coming to the cabin this week has put a little damper on my training. I know every once and a while a kick back week is in order, and I did just run another half marathon distance 2 weekends ago, but I now have the itch and need a run... well, now.

The 30 day yoga challenge that I am participating in has kept me going in some ways because I can practice all I want at the cabin here, but it is not enough now.  I have gone for a walk out on to the frozen lake in the thigh deep snow, done loads of shovelling clearing walkways and areas for vehicles to park, gone up and down the stairs at the cabin here, just basically trying to keep moving which I am finding pretty hard.  I have been watching my Fitbit stats and I am not making my min steps per day. These min steps should be my basic goal and was usually easily obtained because of running which I can't easily do here.  Today though, I am going to really focus on achieving my steps today with my Fitbit.  That is one huge thing I like about my Fitbit One, is the motivation it can give me to reach the goals I have set for myself and love watching the steps add up when I go for a run. ;)

The Fitbit One

Now I know there are some die hard runners out there that can run through anything, but at the cabin in the winter? There are no trails even in the summer.  Just a gravel road with people driving silly on it which right now, this road only has one set of tracks for vehicles.  I am not going to take the risk.

Even though I have other activities that can keep me active, it is still not running.  Nothing feels like a good run does.  The satisfaction of a good sweat, the feeling of achievement, the small victories of a new PB/PR, a new training speed, or even just something simple as when the first time you have ever ran a steady 30 mins, 60 mins, or even a longer distance/time that gave you such a proud feeling of accomplishment that only your other running friends would understand.

Simply put; I am going nuts not being able to run right now. I could handle the first few days, but now it is time.  I know I should be thankful that I can run at all and this too shall pass.  I just have to think about the times when I have been injured and not able to run in the slightest, or any weight bearing activity.  Call it runner's block, a runner's mentality, or whatever you want, but it is a funny thing about us runners, we are a funny breed.  Take our running away from us and we go insane.

Now for something non-running related:  I just would like to give a huge shout out to my sister +Sasha Leigh, who came out to the cabin and visit for a couple of days, and say Happy Birthday!! :) 

How long does it take you to go without running before you start to go nuts?


Sasha Leigh said...

You guys made it a GREAT BIRTHDAY :) Thanks for asking me and Calli to come up. It was such a treat to visit with you and Austin whilst getting away from the city. I'm glad the shovelling you did prior to our arrival so I could park helped with your training. Can't wait 'til we all head out again.

Heidi Tania said...

No prob! ;) And... in a couple of weeks we are right back there! Yay!