Looking Back...

Looking at the past decade, my running achievements have had their ups and downs just like anyone else with some of us having more of a roller coaster than others. ;)  Through injuries, sickness, weather, new family members, and other things beyond, or even in, our control, we runners tend to come back and work towards our various running goals again, and again.

Knowing your injured, but still thinking of tomorrow's marathon.

I look at my PB/PRs, my various running paces that I have ran, and the distances that I have run thinking that I did not too badly considering what had influenced my running throughout the years. Yes, I could have done better at times, but looking back at what I have worked on, tried, and achieved in the past gives me more guidance on my running today.

I have learned many lessons along the way which have been vary valuable in allowing me to run more injury free and to get to some of my running goals.  Even the hard lessons about running that I may have hated along the way, I would never take those away because of their lessons.  For example; the 10% rule in running... and how you should never increase beyond that each week.  Yeah, sometimes we just assume that we are super human and that rule would never apply to us.  Just look at the last time you had a slight 'twinge' during a run or got sick.  They could be from anything, OR, they could be from any running mishap like trying to make up a missed run, pushing yourself just a bit too hard for that day, or just stepping right back in to your schedule after a holiday.  This list could go on. Some people are adaptable and can handle it.  Then again, some of us muggles have to be a bit more careful.

As I get ready to lace up for today's run, I will be thinking of my past running experiences, both good and bad, and will also think of ways that I can continue to work towards the runner I want to be.

What running mistakes have you made and learned from?

P.S. Feeling much better today as my run did its usual magic.  Please keep warm everyone who will be affected by this even colder deep freeze we are supposed to get. -55C/-67F with wind... There will be no debate on where I am running. LOL

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Tina Fab said...

It's an wonderful thing to reflect on where your journey has taken you! I need to be more circumspect this year...a late resolution, perhaps.

Love the journal idea. Def should do that!!

I am not where near 10 years...but I am excited to see where I am going

(that is if i can ever get outside...bloodyhell our winter is killing me!!!!!!) Not a fan of -40. boo. Stay warm :-)

Girl Goes Running said...

I love the 'superhuman' comment and how we think the rule doesn't apply to us....guilty!!! Overtraining is my ultimate mistake that I have made more than once. I'm trying really hard to follow a plan and STICK TO IT!