Playing :)

This morning I have been having a bit of fun trying to figure out how to take advantage of the navigation menu bar up on the top and I must give a big, HUGE thanks to Chic & Sassy Designs... the one who designed my new template, as she has helped me tremendously in guiding me on how to do things.  So... if you see any mistakes... it is me figuring things out and not her! :) If she was doing it... I am sure it would be perfect. :)  But of course... I have to try things on my own... and hopefully haven't driven her too crazy with all my emails. :os

So other than playing on the computer, I do actually have plans to get some things done around the house here... eventually... :)  I still have a couple of loads of laundry to wash by hand here as we have not seen if the washer can be fixed yet and the place was closed for the holidays before.  Hubby will be checking on that one.

With trying to catch up on everything with the house, family and such, I totally forgot to check on my son's homework!!!  Here he had an assignment that was given an extension till today because he was sick for so long and I did not know about it.  I have sent a message in his teacher/parent communication book pleading to be able to hand it in tomorrow.  The other thing was that today his class was having a Medieval Feast today and some activities with it, AND he needed a costume!!! So... there was me this early a.m. cutting up some stuff so he could be a peasant/serf and grabbed an old huge canvas long vest also for him to wear.  It turned out not too badly. :)

I am not going to even try to run today as I am planning to go back and try my regular schedule tomorrow (lighter of course). 

Wt. wise things are slowly coming back down to where they were and hopefully in the next two weeks it will be back on track.  When I was going through my clothes to take to England, I found some old summer stuff that had worked not too badly.  Made me pretty happy... but of course realized how much stuff I really hang on to around here and got me thinking that I need to clean house seriously.

Well, off to play again for a bit more and also to check on how everyone else is doing.

Cheers! :)


Scarlett said...

Keep up the good work.