new day and 6 days and counting...

I have woke up this am with tonnes of ambition to get what I need to get done today. I have done some, but need to stay focused. I can't wait to try my new workout DVD today. A couple of the girls say it is the 'devil'. I did some tae bo and yoga last night (both new ones also) and maybe a small walk on the treadmill to ease things out. I tried the new challenge yesterday 'mountain climbers' and they are truly effective.

I am so excited for Friday's challenge WI! I was really hoping for 135 lbs but I will take what I can get. I have so much food planned for today I get full just reading it.

Well, last night I checked out a few people's blogs from ww and I am truly impressed with all there accomplishments! WOW! There are some truly hard working people out there and I am inspired.

Today is the day that I plan on figuring this blog site out once and for all! I am planning on posting some pics of me when I was quite a different size, one at my goal wt before, and if I can find some... some pics in the last while. I really should be taking more but I always forget. :) Maybe some more pics of the whole fam, zoo and all.

I have a great feeling about today, even with yesterday's bad news in the family.